history of deeply personal

Deeply Personal is women ready-to-wear fashion brand, established in Riga, Latvia in 2015. Elina Vanags is the founder and creative director. She studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion and IED, Milan. Her inspiration is deeply founded in her Northern European cultural heritage. As a Vogue Talents award-winning brand, Deeply Personal’s manifesto is all about easy transitional pieces from day to evening with a slight twist of humour. They are not only reserved for special occasions but reflect the rhythm of her modern muse – a woman who has her own guilty pleasures in-between combining an active business and family life. Her interest is in creating feminine clothes that are still entirely unique, timeless and experimental.

designer story

…velvet skirt in a smokie plum-redish color with turquise green rombs on it – my earliest childhood memory of when I fell in love with fashion…

I started to draw my own designs very early and my paperdolls were always all around me. At age of seven, I was confident that making dresses is part of me and nothing else. At age of 12 I was making denim bags from old jeans. Somehow I went trying other things, but the fashion dream never went away, I was still drawing and sewing behind my closed bedroom door. I took a fashion design course at the London College of Fashion. I was insecure at the beginning, also what tutors will think of my silly, childish wishes. But phrase from my mentor that stayed in my head for long helped me to believe in myself and to understand that I am on the right path “…you can’t learn how to be a designer, you simply are or are not. Either you have the power to create and inspire or you don’t. And I believe you do.”

deeply personal

My relationship with fashion guided me through finding my true myself.  Deeply Personal – is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle that I believe is worth living.

your guilty pleasures are your personal features

A woman is so busy with all what she is: a mum, an employee, an entrepreneur, a friend, a wife. And it is expected that she satisfies all those different wishes. And it is so easy to lose one true self there. Therefore, she must allow herself some time in her life to live her guilty pleasures. And a significant part of it is what she wears.